HSE Policy

Union Gulf Services considers the safety and health of its employees and the employees of Subcontractors under its control to be one of its greatest responsibilities. This together with environmental protection is an integral part of Union Gulf Service’s philosophy for construction.

Accordingly Union Gulf Services has undertaken measures to minimize the risk from hazards in the workplace and to protect the natural environment as well as to safeguard the safety and health of all employees under Union Gulf Service’s responsibility. The policy of Union Gulf Services to achieve the aim of occupational safety, health and environmental protection is to develop and maintain a safe working environment and a system of work practices within the scope of legislative provisions provide necessary guidelines and training on principles of ergonomics, industrial hygiene, toxicology and environmental protection. Adequate personal protective equipment shall be provided to protect employees from hazards which cannot be otherwise eliminated and/or controlled.


Union Gulf Services recognizes that the achievement of an effective occupational safety, health and environmental protection policy demands the active and positive involvement of all levels of management and requires the full participation and support of all employees.


It is the responsibility of both management and employee to support and promote the occupational safety, health and environmental protection policy in order to ensure a safe working environment.

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