Health & Safety

Al Khareef Contracting & General Maintenance consider the safety and health of its employees and the employees of Subcontractors under its control to be one of its greatest responsibilities. This together with environmental protection is an integral part of Al Khareef Contracting & General Maintenance philosophy for construction.

Accordingly Al Khareef Contracting & General Maintenance has undertaken measures to minimize the risk from hazards in the workplace and to protect the natural environment as well as to safeguard the safety and health of all employees under Al Khareef Contracting & General Maintenance responsibility.

The policy of Al Khareef Contracting & General Maintenance to achieve the aim of occupational safety, health and environmental protection is to develop and maintain a safe working environment and a system of work practices within the scope of legislative provisions provide necessary guidelines and training on principles of ergonomics, industrial hygiene, toxicology and environmental protection. Adequate personal protective equipment shall be provided to protect employees from hazards which cannot be otherwise eliminated and/or controlled.

Regular HSE audits shall be performed to monitor the effectiveness of existing procedures, identify work practices or conditions that are potentially harmful to employees and issue corrective measures as is reasonably practical.

HSE regulations must be observed, HSE standards learned and HSE procedures used.

Al Khareef Contracting & General Maintenance recognizes that the achievement of an effective occupational safety, health and environmental protection policy demands the active and positive involvement of all levels of management and requires the full participation and support of all employees.

It is the responsibility of both management and employee to support and promote the occupational safety, health and environmental protection policy in order to ensure a safe working environment.

Activities and Field of Specialization

The company’s principal activities to date comprise the following types of projects:

  • Residential Buildings, Hotels, Palaces,Villas and Commercial Buildings.
  • Schools, Hospital Compounds, SportsComplex and Industrial Buildings.
  • Roads and Multi-Storey car parking structures.
  • Warehouses and Gigantic concrete.
  • Water tanks with all related electrical and mechanical installations, renovation of swimming pools.

We are confident that the company can acquire experience in new fields within the scope of its work by depending on the ability and experience of its present and future staff as well as on its financial capabilities to recruit qualified and experienced staff and to train its current staff to use and apply the best techniques in the construction field.

Main Services

Civil & Building Maintenance
Includes structural modifications to facilities such as Industrial, Shop Buildings, Warehouses, Residences, Sewage Systems, Roads & Streets.
Preventive Maintenance measures undertaken to preserve the property/ building for a longer period.
Develop maintenance schedules in detail, Maintain job logs and initiate necessary documentation Check out completion of maintenance and construction

Architectural Works
Minor civil works including finishes, flooring, ceiling, roofing, doors, curtain walls, painting, glazing and cladding, trims, railing, gates and metal works.

Joinery and carpentry works
Doors, cabinets, Paneling, Pantries, cladding and associated fittings and fixtures

Sewerage, drainage and water supply systems
Domestic pump sets, cold water booster pumps, sand filters, sanitary and fittings, fixtures, electrical water heaters, GRP sectional water tanks, copper pipes and fittings, drainage pipes and associated fittings and fixtures, and irrigation water supply systems.

We provide quality lawn care and landscaping maintenance services for all types of commercial and residential properties in the UAE.

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