Our Principals

Flanges, Flanged, Connectors and Threaded connectors

Global competition. Tighter budgets. Reduced manpower. Things are different now, and that’s why Federal runs its business to better keep pace with your relentless production goals. We don’t want you to just get a superior product. We want you to get a performance bonus because you were able to minimize downtime, make your numbers and help your company exceed its fiscal and operational objectives.

What you need, when you need it.

Federal slashes turnaround time for custom and standard flanges and other connection components. Right now, the industry averages 10-30 weeks for flange design and production. Federal averages 24-48 hours—never more than four to six weeks. Our fast turnaround means better performance for your turnaround, outage, installation, retrofit or modification.


ISO Certified Company

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