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Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, Degreasers

Kem-Serv Limited is a chemical company founded by personnel with many years of experience providing environmentally safe, biodegradable products for industrial cleaning and production applications. Kem-Serv Limited offers a complete cleaning package to industry from our citrus-based products range to our new bio cleaning products. These products are not just safe and efficient cleaners, but provide quick splitting actions for effective removal of oil content from the washings. After cleaning has taken place, oils must split easily away from the water phase for easier disposal into the environment. Refineries and oil and gas terminals benefit greatly in their interceptor systems where outfall to sea or estuary is very carefully monitored after diverse cleaning applications, which vary from light oils to heavy crudes.

Kem-Serv Limited now offer a wider range of services to our ever expanding customer base, including lubricants from the leading manufacturers, metal working fluids and spill response kits, as well as our comprehensive range of solvent and water based cleaning products. This enables us to respond quickly to our customer needs and specific requirements.


ISO Certified Company

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