Your Key to Professional Talent:

We are one of the well established and structured companies in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates. Our team of experienced consultants carefully screen and select suitable candidates, from Senior Management Professionals to Administrative Personnel; highly skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers to domestic help.We ensure our clients reliable and quality personnel in categories such as:


Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Projects, Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Transportation & Heavy Equipment, Marine & Shipping, Cleaning & Housekeeping, Administration & Management, Catering & Hospitality Services, Sales & Marketing, Industrial & Residential Security, Health care, Paramedical Institutions, Information Technology, Unskilled & Semi-skilled Labor, Educational Facilities.


Our services encompass all major industries as well as various highly specialized areas, for which selective manpower sourcing and supply can be arranged based on the requirements of our clients.By virtue of our wide contacts across the globe, and by employing the services of select and experienced advertising agencies, we capable of recruiting personnel from various sectors, in all fields such as: Information Technology, Engineering, Construction, Medicine, Manufacturing, etc. Over the years, our associates and business partners have developed and perfected highly effective recruitment technique that allows for close scrutiny and filtering of information received from potential candidates.

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